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Colerain Interior Shutters

Colerain shutters can come in different colors and are very adaptable so can be tailor made to fit your requirements. Generally they are made from either wood or aluminium allowing them to be finished in different styles of wood or different color effects to enable to fit in with you homes current decor. Shutters can also be changed in their actual function to suit as well so generally they can be made to open however you wish.

  • Window Shutters
  • Interior Shutter
  • Interior Window Shutters
  • Interior Shutters
  • Interior Vinyl Shutters
  • Interior Plantation Shutters
  • Interior Wooden Shutters
  • Wood Interior Shutters
  • Interior Shutters For Windows
  • Custom Plantation Shutters
  • Wooden Interior Shutters
  • Traditional Interior Shutters

Colerain Cellular Honeycomb Blinds

Cellular shades (aka Honeycomb Shades) may save you money when it comes to insulating your Colerain home. Besides being a beautiful accent, cellular shades/honeycomb shades have the ability to keep cold out in the winter and cool air in during the summer. With the simple design, air is trapped within the honeycomb creating an insulating barrier. You have many options available including cordless lift options, motorized and also cafe style top down bottom up operation. We're more than happy to give you a FREE consultation to see what cellular shade option is right for you. Call for a FREE over the phone or in home consultation.

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